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Little Women, immigrants, and heirlooms claimed and remade. Listen now>>

Litquake Epicenter: In Conversation with Patricia Park

Recorded live at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco,  in conversation with novelist Patricia Park, author of RE Jane, a retelling of the classic Jane Eyre, set in the Korean immigrant community of Queens, New York. Listen now>>

Live this Day as You Would the Rest of the Year


Tradition, assimilation and adaptation on Chinese New Year. Listen now>>


Three Generations Under One Roof

PRI’s The World

Even after the recession, more and more Americans are living with their parents and grandparents to save money. But for many Asian immigrant households, this isn’t new. According to the Pew Research Center, Asians are twice as likely as whites to live in multignerational households — and considering Asians are also America’s fastest-growing ethnic group, this housing trend is here to stay. Listen now >>

Bread Loaf Writers' Conference Reading

I read an excerpt of my fiction here.

Video gamers gain fame and fortune in South Korea

San Francisco Chronicle

Since when did geeks get the girls? Well, they do in South Korea, where professional video game players make big money and get mobbed in public. Millions play video games online, and competitions draw thousands of fans.

If the country’s games industry leaders have their way, what we see now in Korea offers a glimpse of the future elsewhere. Listen now >>

The Cyworld Phenomenon

Pacific Time

With Facebook currently in place as the latest social networking craze in the U.S., a South Korean site is attempting to enter the American market. The show explores CyWorld and its growing popularity – the site already boasts 20 million members in South Korea, forty percent of that country’s population. Listen now >>

Outsourcing Your Language Lesson

Pacific Time

Amid a lot of talk about manufacturing and engineering jobs moving overseas, a growing number of people are taking advantage of cheap phone calls and internet technology to line up their own outsourcing with overseas language tutors. Listen now >>

Asian Americans Donate to 2008 Candidates

Pacific Time

The presidential election may be over a year away, but the candidates aren’t wasting any time. They’re courting Asian American donors who are opening their checkbooks like never before. Listen now >>